Water Quality Forecast

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Due to the limitation of staff movement and control measures now in place. Daily water quality reporting will be put on hold until further notice. 18/03/2020

DATE: 18/03/2020

TAFF FLOW (cumecs): 57.51 rising at 07:57 GMT

ELY FLOW (cumecs): 8.98 level at 07:59 GMT

WATER TEMPERATURE Site 5 (oC) 8.81 at 08:00 GMT

DateTaffElySite 5Site 8Site 9
18 MarPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
17 MarPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
16 MarPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
15 MarPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
14 MarPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
For further information and queries concerning the water quality predictions contact Stephen Ellery
Water Quality Forecast

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